Some Dogs are Better People Than People Are


Yesterday, we said goodbye to our sweetest, cutest and most loyal Wild & Roaming staff member, Biscuit. Biscuit was our 15 year old dog. He was more person than dog, but he was also the best dog a person could be lucky enough to to share their life with. His eyes were human-like, and he used them to stare straight into our souls. In return, he allowed us to see into his. Although he was 15, he was young until the end. He gave us the gift of enough time to see what was coming and (try to) prepare for it, but not so much that we had to struggle with the reality for long. In the very end, he helped us know when he was ready. Anyone who has lost a dog knows where we are today. 

This morning Bill and I went to Point Defiance, a 700 acre park here in Tacoma, to get out and get some nature therapy. As soon as we started walking, we both burst into tears. We were missing something. We were missing Biscuit. Putting one foot in front of the other for the first few minutes of our hike was a struggle, not just mentally and emotionally, but physically. It felt like something was holding onto my legs. I had to actively tell my body to keep moving forward. Everything told me to turn around and get back in the car, because surely we couldn’t go hiking without Biscuit just one day after losing him.

We instinctively grabbed for each other’s hands, and we held on tight, and we walked like that until the end of our hike. We spoke only a couple of times, just to share quick memories of “Mr. B”.  The rest of the time was spent in silence, but I imagine we were seeing the same things. For me, Biscuit was EVERYWHERE. He was trotting ahead of us, his body moving a bit sideways, due to his quirky gate. He was running ahead of us, only to come running back to make sure we were with him. He was sprinting to catch us when we took an unexpected turn and racing past us with a huge smile on his face. He was leaping over logs and scaling natural structures that were certainly placed there for his enjoyment. As I looked up at the trees and the sky beyond, he was there too…looking down on me and telling me to keep going. Most importantly, he was happy. He was healthy. He was pain free.

Biscuit now holds a place in my heart that is shared with only one other being, my last dog, Chatham. Now I will take them both with me when I go on adventures, and I imagine they like each other just fine.

This blog will serve to tell the story of Wild & Roaming and the things I am working on. For today, I needed to tell you about Biscuit. RIP, sweet boy. You are loved.

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