Wild leggings for wild humans
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Giving Back

Wild & Roaming donates $1 from each pair of leggings to one of the amazing organizations below. You get to choose who you support when you purchase a pair of our leggings!

Cumberland Community Forest Society

The Cumberland Forest is a mature coastal forest surrounding the Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island. This forest is an important wildlife corridor and home to two watersheds, at risk species, salmon bearing creeks, wetlands and riparian areas, heritage landmarks and hiking and biking trails enjoyed by families, naturalists, hikers, mountain bikers and many others. The future of this forest and the future of Cumberland’s economy are directly linked. There are imminent plans to log this forest.

Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society

Helping Wildlife Recover. Our Mission: To conserve and protect native wildlife and its natural habitat through education and rehabilitation.

Our Objectives: To provide a safe, stress-free environment for wildlife to recover. To contribute to the knowledge and understanding of wildlife by participating in research, and sharing information with wildlife and professional organizations, and the general public through meetings, lectures, displays, workshops, seminars, conferences, reports and publications.

Native Women's Association of Canada

The Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) is founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of First Nations and Métis women within First Nation, Métis and Canadian societies. NWAC is an aggregate of thirteen Native women's organizations from across Canada and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1974. Much like a "Grandmother's Lodge", we as aunties, mothers, sisters, brothers and relatives collectively recognize, respect, promote, defend and enhance our Native ancestral laws, spiritual beliefs, language and traditions given to us by the Creator.

Pacific Wild

Pacific Wild is a non-profit organization working to protect wildlife and their habitat on British Columbia’s North and Central Coast. Our work involves cutting-edge research, education and outreach.