fleur fatale - Wild & Roaming
fleur fatale - Wild & Roaming
fleur fatale - Wild & Roaming
fleur fatale - Wild & Roaming
fleur fatale - Wild & Roaming

fleur fatale

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“To be a femme fatale you don't have to be slinky and sensuous and disastrously beautiful, you just have to have the will to disturb.” 
--Alice Munro

In nature, some flowers are dangerously seductive. This pattern features the deep reds and purples of one such flower, the carnivorous Purple Pitcher Plant, set against a maroon background. Let us all strive to be dangerously seductive once in a while.

Where will your wild legs take you?

Nature-inspired leggings for people who roam and run wild. These polyester/spandex leggings will never lose their stretch, and the vivid, solvent-free dyes used in the prints will never fade. They'll just continue on loving you up by providing support, comfort, and freedom of movement while showcasing vibrant, beautiful, inspired designs! These leggings hug you in all the right places; they're sleek, durable, and hip! 100% sweatshop-free.

*due to various factors colors may appear slightly different from photos 

Leggings details

  • 88% Polyester and 12% spandex
  • Medium weight and breathable
  • Wash and Dry- easy to care for
  • Higher-waisted, 1.5" elastic waistband

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  • All styles are made with stretchy knit fabric in accordance with US standard sizing.

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